6 Unexpected Things Used In Medicine

Probably described in the compilation of medical practice will seem a joke or another “duck” of journalists working in the “yellow” newspapers and magazines, but the startling methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases (including deadly) proved to be effective in practice. This proves once again that researchers and inventors do not neglect the implementation of ideas… Read More »

An Unusual Stadium In Rio De Janeiro

The creators of the football stadium in one of the slums of Rio de Janeiro extraordinary approached the issue of lighting playground at night. They made produce electricity children who chase the ball on the field. And it all happens with the permission of Pele “King of Football”. The fact is that in the field of the football… Read More »

Damn Amusement Park

We want to invite you to the next is shrouded in mystery and mysticism of the place the amusement park at Lake Shawnee. This park was built in Mercer County, West Virginia in 1926. conversely, with a charming place, which house fun rides were associated dark and tragic incident, which, according to local residents, strongly influenced by subsequent… Read More »